Greetings from the Mysuru Chapter of ISHA (MyISHA)

The Mysuru Chapter of ISHA (MyISHA), cordially welcomes you to the 53rd Annual Convention of the Indian Speech and Hearing Association. MyISHA is proud to host the first virtual conference of ISHA at its birth place, Mysuru on 19th and 20th February, 2022. Although virtual, the 53rd ISHACON is planned to be a feast of knowledge for all the participants. You will experience the warm hospitality of MyISHA through a virtual platform.

About the conference:

This conference will give you the opportunity to savour the flavours of an in-person conference from the comfort of your safe surroundings. The virtual venue would have most of the features of an in-person conference. This includes halls where parallel sessions would take place for the scientific programme; Hall for display of posters where the participants can interact with the presenters; An exhibition area for the sponsors to display their exhibits; and a chat area to communicate with other participants, individually or as a group. The deliberations and discussions during the conference will add a wealth of knowledge. The conference will focus on the scope of interdisciplinary collaborations, technological advances, best clinical practices, innovative research ventures, policy decisions and much more. Further, the participants will be enthralled by the cultural programme that is being planned. "


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